150+ Channels
satellite TV service

Up to
18 Mbps
06 Mbps


25 years experience
Satellite, TV & Broadband
in homes, hotels & boats

25 years experience
in home cinema
surround sound & TV

electro-sat.fr. TV and bROADBAND SERVICES

Welcome to Electro Sat

Electro-sat is a newly formed company located in the town of Sauviat-Sur-Vige convient for covering the whole of France. We will be providing Home Entertainment systems, Satellite broadband and UK Satellite TV for both the Ex-pat community and local French residents. We provide satellite systems for both UK and and other languages as well as terrestrial reception of local programmes.



As you know, we’re delighted with the way these projects turned out. We are grateful for your responsiveness and willingness to adapt to our requirements as they evolved. Attention to detail and care taken during installation ensured that the final.

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